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Nationally acclaimed investor & trainer will pay you while you learn the Real Estate investment business

We will pay you!

Imagine if you could make three thousand to five thousand dollars per month, part-time, and work with a real estate guru who shares your passion for investing.

On average we pay between $1,500 and $4,000 per deal.  How many checks like that would you need to be able to go full time in your passion?  What if you cashed three of those each month?  How about just two?  Heck, one would probably help, right?

We buy 5 to 10 houses per month but all we need from you is to photograph the house and get their telephone number so we can call the seller.  You don’t have to get the deed, make the sale or negotiate a discount.  Just go see the people, give them our written information, get their telephone number and have us call them.  No selling, no pressure, no problem.

Hang out with the masters and learn from those who are actually doing the business.

And the skills you’ll learn and refine in this opportunity will pay you massive dividends for the rest of your real estate investing career.  You’ll never shy away from approaching anyone again.  Imagine what you could do with that kind of confidence.

Don’t Make the #1 Mistake

After coaching several hundred “wanna be” investors nationwide, the single biggest mistake I’ve seen is folks going full time before their cash flow can support them.  This opportunity solves that problem.  Work with me, stack up some cash, prove to yourself you can do it, then and only then, consider cutting the job loose.

Work just 20 hours per week with us and you’ll be able to afford to go full time and start “doing what you love” and “loving what you do”.

We only have two slots available so you will have to qualify.  So call the 24/7 information line below, listen to the requirements and take the next step towards guaranteeing your success in real estate.

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