Purchase Property - Landlords

We FIND your next deal-we can FUND it and if you need it we have the crews that will FIX it.  We then FINISH the deal by providing a REALTOR for you to QUICK TURN it or a management company to rent it.  All at investor prices.  We work on volume not greed.

We sell renovated rental grade property at a discount ready for tenant move-in.  All repairs and upgrades have been done; all you do is collect the rent!  Checkout our inventory and let us know which properties we may show you.  Wealth accumulation and passive rental income was the foundation we built our business upon and we are still landlords today; it's the best way to build wealth and income over time.We can show you how to let your money work harder for you instead of you working so hard for your money.  Give us a call to jump start your investment career!

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