Sell Your Property FAQ

Potential sellers sometimes have similiar concerns.  Read below to have some of your questions answered instantly.

How can someone sell their house in just days, not several weeks or months?
If someone needs to sell their house in a hurry, we have the knowledge and CASH available to buy it.   The reason we can do this is because over the years we have developed a number of innovative and systemized ways of purchasing property.  Additionally, we work with private investors, and private funds, so we don’t always have to go through the loan approval process waiting on someone to give us the green light.   Therefore we can purchase your home in just days, NOT several weeks or months.  Your house’s closing is scheduled according to your needs or time frame.  WE can buy the home very quickly or we can extend it for two, three, or even five months, whatever the seller needs we will try to accomplish.

Many people are curious, what exactly is this process?
Basically, a seller will need to call our office at 757-363-0082 or 877-861-6155 and give our representatives some information about the house.  We need to know the property address, any loan balances on the property, if there are any liens or judgments, if they are behind in payments (if so how much?) and the overall condition of the property; plus any other pertinent information regarding the house financing.  Once we have this information, we’ll analyze their situation and develop a number of ways to purchase their property.  Then, it’s up to the homeowner to decide which offer fits his or her needs the best.  What we have experienced is that after homeowners think about all their options, they see that our offer is fair and usually fits their situation and needs.  Plus, they have the added bonus of knowing their home is definitely sold, without the hassles and expenses associated with fix up, clean up, and people trudging in and out of their home at all hours of the day, AND with no contingencies like waiting on a buyers mortgage qualifications or having the buyer review a home inspection report. (Those are scary)  

What is your fee?
I think it is important for customers to know that there are no fees, no commissions and no obligations, so they really have nothing to lose.   If the seller doesn’t like our offer, he doesn’t have to accept it.  They are free to try to sell the home on their own or list it with a real estate agent.  We recommend that they call us first because we can often save them time and money since we can buy the house so quickly.  A ll information is strictly confidential.

Why do people need to sell their house quickly? 
People need to sell their homes fast for many different reasons.  They may be moving to a larger home or downsizing to a smaller one….or maybe they are taking advantage of a job opportunity out of town.  There are also reasons like divorce, job loss, getting behind on payments, retirement, health problems, estate distributions, etc.   We also specialize in helping people avoid foreclosure so they can save their credit, giving them the ability to buy another home in the future. 

Does the property need to be in excellent condition for Coast to Coast Property Corp. to buy?
NO.  If it is…great.  But the fact is most of the homes we buy need some kind of work.  Whether it’s a cosmetic freshening up, to updating kitchens and baths, to a complete overhaul where we gut the home and start over, we buy houses any condition or any situation.  

Does the size have to be a certain size for Coast to Coast Property Corp. to be interested?
Not exactly.   We have purchased small single family houses to commercial buildings.  So size really doesn’t matter.

If a seller has little to no equity in the house, can Coast to Coast Property Corp. still help?  
Yes, usually we can.  Very often we get calls from sellers who basically owe close to what the property is worth.  Many times we can find a purchase program that will work for them.  It just depends on the individual situation.  So whatever the reason you have for selling your house call us at 757-363-0082 or 877-861-6155.  Remember there is no fee, no commission, and no obligation, so you have nothing to lose.  

How do I know Coast to Coast Property Corp. will do what is promised?
We understand your concern.  After your call, we’ll meet face to face and create solutions that will work for both of us.  If you’re not comfortable after we meet we’ll shake hands and part as friends.  We view our business services and relationships more seriously than just purchasing your house.  We want you to be secure, confident and able to sleep well every night without worrying about your house or your payments.   Our time and resources will be completely devoted to your home, but only if you feel comfortable with that arrangement.  

Why don't I just list with a real estate agent?
That’s certainly an option.  But the majority of  real estate agents can only do so much to help you and they typically work inside specific parameters, mandated by their broker.  For example; they obviously won’t make your payments for you while attempting to sell your house.  We’re willing to make your payments!  Because we are a “Solutions Company” not a realtor, we have much more flexibility to work for you. We’ll give your house our complete personal attention so you can forget about it until it is re-sold. And if after our consultation you still want to list your home we can do that too.  We have an exclusive relationship with a successful, reputable & flexible Real Estate Company here in Florence SC.  If you list your home with them, and decide at any time during the listing period that you’ve changed your mind & now want to accept our offer, you can terminate your listing contract immediately & owe them nothing!  IT DOESN’T GET  ANY EASIER !

How do I know I can trust Coast to Coast Property Corp.?
This is the most important question as far as we are concerned.  When you are dealing with something as important as selling your home, you want to make sure that you are dealing with someone reputable.  Our family has been serving the public in the Pee Dee area for over 10 years and has earned a wonderful track record of honesty and integrity.  We have many references from local banks, businesses, and churches who will all verify our creditability and integrity.  If necessary we can provide you with names of references & previous customers. 

How can Coast to Coast Property Corp. or your program help my situation? 
We are a Full Service Real Estate Solutions Company and we know what homeowners go through when they try to sell their homes.  If you are still in the process of “thinking about what to do”, bookmark this site until you are ready.  

Remember there is NO FEE, NO COMMISSION & NO you really have nothing to lose.

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